Children’s Grape Flavored Tylenol Oral Suspension Fever Reducer and Pain Reliever


2 pk./4 fl. oz.

Relieve your child’s minor aches and pains with Children’s Tylenol Oral Suspension. Containing 160 milligrams of acetaminophen per 5 milliliter dose, this product is a temporary fever reducer and pain reliever for minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, sore throat, headache and toothache. This grape-flavored product is gentle on the stomach. It is intended for children ages 2 to 11.

  • Relieves minor aches and pains and reduces fever in children
  • Contains acetaminophen
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms as well as sore throat, headache and toothache
  • For children ages 2-11
  • Grape flavor

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Additional information

Active Ingredients

Acetaminophen (160mg)


Pediatric Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer




4 Fl. Oz.

Instructions for Use

Do Not Give More Than Directed; Shake Well; Find Right Dose on Chart on Packaging; Use Weight to Dose, or Age or As Directed by Doctor; Remove Protective Cap, Squeeze into Dosing Cup; Repeat Every 4 Hrs; Do Not Give More Than 5x in 24 Hrs


Two 4-Fl. Oz. Bottles


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